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How to Plan your Career

While doing schooling or as soon as a young child comes out of school he or she is confronted with the problem of choosing which is the most appropriate stream of studies for them to study further i.e. Humanities, Non-Medical, Medical, Commerce, Arts, Agriculture, Vocational courses etc. This decision will set limit for his future choice of career. Leaving aside some common overlapping fields of occupation he is left with the option to make a choice of his career from the fields of occupation covered under that stream of education only. Therefore, such choice of stream must be right one so that he will not have to regret for a wrong choice later on. Thus, this exercise of choice has assumed great significance in his life.

Of course, you as a parent will pool your all resources to best guide your child in an effort to make most suitable choice for him. You will also elicit the help of his teachers as well as known persons and your relatives. Your combined efforts may lead to a realistic choice of course which will ultimately take him to enter an occupation of that field but it is also possible that in absence of proper analysis of your child, you may make a decision which may turn out to be an unrealistic one.

If your child is very bright and his targeted career is below his potential it is termed as an unrealistic choice. Similarly, if your child has middle level abilities but his choice of career needs higher level of abilities such a choice will also be considered an unrealistic one. Hence, your child needs assistance of an expert to steer him out of such problematic situations in order to make a right choice.

Career Planning

Career planning is a process of deciding your ideal and an appropriate career based upon your course of studies, which rightly commensurate with your basic aptitudes, work preferences, dream, personality traits and work style based on your acquired skills, self confidence, attitudes, adjustment level and emotional intelligence levels etc.

1. The first step in career planning is to gain a better understanding of your basic aptitudes, intrinsic interests (work preferences), your ambition, personality and its traits, self confidence, adjustment status and psychological hurdles affecting careers. Hence you have to find out your career related aptitudes.

2. The second step involves the analysis of collected & compiled occupational information about career options.

3. The third step involves decision making. You have to develop a career plain in consultation with an experienced Career Counselor.

4. The fourth step is to execute the career plan by undergoing the course of studies related to your choice.

            Parents’ role to support their children at every level of education & facing competition is very crucial. Similarly good teachers always motivate their students at every level of their education & career. Like parents, Panacea Bharti Institute team is committed for your right planning & counseling for education & profession at every level. From school level planning to score better marks in board exams then cracking your entrance exams for better college, to grooming for all competitive jobs & career our team always supports you. The institute has specialist team for different level of exams. We groom you for school/board exams & different entrance exams for Medical, Non Medical fields & other competitive exams. Basic aptitude & GK should also be developed during school days. If your dream is high, your planning should be at right time with right decision under right guidance. Early planning saves your time, energy & investments. We provide individual counseling to students for choosing subjects & career.

            I wish for your successful career & happy life.

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